A new tomorrow

The future starts today. Because from today, you can be working with an agency who believe in really working together. We’ve reimagined the industry’s traditional way of operating. Instead we work with you towards shared goals. With shared risks and shared rewards. So that together we deliver the best possible business results.

Business Creatives
for the digital age

As Business Creatives, we help you get and stay ahead in your market. Nothing we love more than helping clients design their future. And by making it a fun and engaging process for everyone, we create a future that you and we can own and embrace. That’s what makes Tom Orrow a success.

We believe the achievements truly start to flow when things are designed from different perspectives. It’s why we offer a multidisciplinary team in the fields of Business Design, Brand Design and Product Design. There to ensure your company gets its hands on the future. By creating value, engaging customers and growing your business.

This is us

Meet our team of multidisciplinary Business Creatives: an inspiring mix of highly qualified, experienced professionals. Including people with both agency and client-side backgrounds. Together we’re equipped to help design businesses that aren’t just futureproof, but future frontrunners.

Our services


Customer insights


Customer journeys




Ecosystem design


Brand strategy


Business modeling


Prototyping & validation


Product development

“Thanks to Tom Orrow we broke through departmental boundaries and made big steps forward in improving our end-to-end customers’ experience.”

Sander van Oord, Area Director Americas | Digital Sales & Marketing
Damen Shipyards

In the game together

Over the past decade, we’ve learnt that successes start to flow when we’re genuinely able to work together on shared goals. So we strive to create equal interest in every aspect of what we can offer.

Of course, that’s not how client-agency relationships currently operate. Which is why we developed a whole new way of working. Based on aligning our agency goals with your business goals, and sharing the risks and rewards. As true entrepreneurs, we love the challenge of having skin in the game, the same way our clients do!



Collaborate on a project basis?

We'll make sure our goals are aligned, by defining a fee with a mark-up or mark-down based on the end results.



Like to partner-up a bit more?

We’ll set up a multidisciplinary team, to work together on a shared goal that goes beyond a project goal. Sharing a goal also means sharing risks and rewards.



Up for maximum alignment?

We'll enter a strategic venture with you where we share long-term risks and revenues. We'll become a shareholder, so we're in it together for the long haul.

Our Clients

Liberty Global
Singel Uitgeverijen

Anne Voogt

Anne uses Business Design to link customer value to business results. Ten years at KLM in Sales, Marketing, HR and Customer Experience has given him a real understanding of both why customer focus is important, and the people and organization you need to make it happen. Anne may surprise you with what you can learn from your customers, simply by talking to them.

Anne’s specialisms: Design Thinking, Transformation, Customer Experience and Agile Development.

Lisa Knapen

Lisa is our Jr. Business Designer. She has a real eye for the latest technical and digital trends. And her academic background has given her a deep understanding of digital development, behavioral sciences and research methods. Lisa has a track record in creating innovative and strategic concepts at agencies like TBWANeboko and NOISE Amsterdam. Nothing energizes her more than working in multi-disciplinary teams.

Lisa's specialisms: Concepting, User Experience, Research Methods and Agile Development.

Aagje van Meegen

As our Brand Strategy specialist, Aagje is the driving force when it comes to formulating the needs of your target audiences in a way that’s distinctive, recognizable and engaging. She has over 15 years’ experience working at international agencies like Y&R and Ogilvy, developing new initiatives as an entrepreneur, and integrating brand thinking into digital product concepting.

Aagje's specialisms: Brand Strategy & Engagement, Design Principles and Concepting.

Merlijn van Vliet

Merlijn is founding partner of Tom Orrow with over 15 years’ experience in advertising, both as a copywriter and an entrepreneur. Back in 2013, he co-founded Heartvertising Agency, KOKORO Amsterdam, where he was responsible for several celebrated brand campaigns for clients including Trouw, Transavia, Simyo, Oxxio and more. What drives Merlijn is helping to move businesses forward through creativity. His credo: when business meets creativity, the future starts today.

Merlijn's specialisms: Branding, Copywriting, Creative Direction and Predicting the future.

Micha Commeren

Micha is a founding partner of Tom Orrow with over 20 years’ experience in digital agencies, both as an Art Director and an entrepreneur. Back in 2008, he founded digital design agency Resoluut & Soda Studio. In addition to this he became partner and commercial frontrunner of Makerstreet. As partner he was involved in more than a dozen digital agencies that covered complete digital transformations of many big brands. What drives Micha is helping clients to work on a basis of mutual succes with their agencies. His credo (and we hear it at least once a week): ’Never waste a good crisis!’

Micha's specialisms: Creative/business strategy, Entrepreneurship and Design.

Joost Bröker

Joost is founding partner of Tom Orrow with over 20 years' experience in Digital, Design and Consulting. He has been design competence lead for Lost Boys, Head of Design for bol.com, Design director for ABN Amro digital banking and has helped companies like Rapp, Knab and others with the development of their digital, design, UX and content capabilities.

Joost's specialisms: creative business consultancy, design capability development, change management.

Petra Lubbers

Petra is our Managing Director. She has over 20 years’ experience in the fields of media, advertising, books and e-commerce. Over the last 10 years she has been responsible for managing digital businesses within companies like bol.com, Novamedia and Bruna, where she delivered multiple innovations and platform transformations. Petra likes working in multi-disciplinary teams with a clear set of shared goals.

Petra's specialisms: Business Strategy, Agile Development, E-commerce and Business Modeling.

Sacha Muller

Sacha is an affiliate partner at Tom Orrow. She has over 15 years of experience in (digital) strategy consulting, (online) retail and consumer goods. After 6+ years at McKinsey & Company, she added industry experience at Ahold and bol.com in both strategic and commercial roles, and worked in digital consulting at SparkOptimus. She loves looking for creative and innovative strategies for the future, especially at fast-growing companies and social impact ventures.

Sacha's specialisms: business strategy, e-commerce, strategic innovation.